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Online library stays open to strengthen men’s health promotion in Australia

A virtual edition of the Health Promotion Journal of Australia has been put together around the theme of strengthening men’s health promotion in Australia.

The Australian Men’s Health Forum partnered with Freemasons Centre for Male Health and Wellbeing – Northern Territory and the editorial team of the Health Promotion Journal of Australia – to collate a selection of 19 articles that advance men’s health research, policy and practice responses at local, national and global levels.

Topics include men’s help-seeking, the advancement of the men’s sheds movement, parenting and fathers’ roles in family-oriented health promotion programs, strategies for engaging at risk and hard-to-reach populations of men and the impact of masculinities on men’s health promotion.

Coinciding with the AMHF-hosted Men’s Health Connected online seminar (10-14 May) and  Men’s Health Week from 14-20 June, the virtual issue is accessible until the end of July.

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Articles are available as full text or via a downloadable PDF.

For example:

Men building better relationships: A scoping review provides a synthesis of men's relationship programs (excluding criminal court mandated services) in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom to distil predominant program designs, access points, delivery modes and evaluative strategies.

“When I got the news”: Aboriginal fathers in the Kimberley region yarning about their experience of the antenatal period uses a qualitative yarning methodology to explore the experiences of 10 Aboriginal Australian fathers during their partner's antenatal period, in a remote Northern Australian town.

Another article takes readers through a critical discourse analysis of Australia's most popular men's health and lifestyle magazine, Men's Health, in order to understand how health is presented to men. Read: “Becoming the man you always wanted to be”: Exploring the representation of health and masculinity in Men’s Health Magazine.



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