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Order some Healthy Male men's health resources

Events and health promotion activities in local communities are a great way to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Our friends at Healthy Male (formerly Andrology Australia) have developed a Men's Health Presentation Kit to help get the message across.


Healthy Male says its Men’s Health Presentation Kit helps organisations, businesses and individuals raise community awareness for a range of men’s health issues. The kit is designed to provide information on sexual and reproductive health, and associated conditions such as depression, cardiovascular disease, and alcohol and drug abuse.

In the past, the kits have been used at health awareness events at Men's Sheds, in prisons, community health centres, local council/shire events, and in male-dominated businesses such as mining. The events help to increase awareness of health conditions and to encourage men to talk about their health with GPs, nurses and other health professionals, in addition to family members, partners and each other.

Healthy Male believes that by holding health events, we can get conversations started and reduce the stigma around seeking help for issues that are sometimes difficult to talk about.

Healthy Male has been working with the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) to redevelop its Men's Health Presentation Kit using AMSA’s iconic “Spanner in the Works” imagery.

Each kit includes 20 x booklets for your attendees 1 x USB with a group presentation, 2 x posters, and 20 x flyers.


Order a health promotion kit online at the Healthy Male website.



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