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Practical advice on prostate cancer delivered through new online toolkit

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia has developed an online Prostate Cancer Toolkit service.

The website – Your Complete Prostate Cancer Toolkitlaunched in February 2024 and provides expert information, detailed advice, support, and resources.

Visitors to the website can learn about the symptoms, risk factors and facts of prostate cancer, which is the most diagnosed cancer in Australia, with more than 25,000 men newly diagnosed each year.

Of those men diagnosed, most are aged between 60 and 69, but prostate cancer can afflict younger males. The Prostate Cancer Toolkit helps people determine what to look for in articles that break down complex medical-speak into cleanly presented facts.

There is information on testing and diagnosis, as well as treatments and side effects, and where to go for specialised support and care for recurrent or advanced prostate cancer.

The website contains information for partners, families, and carers and lists the benefits of prostate cancer support groups and where to find them in Australia.

There is also a contact line for speaking to a prostate cancer specialist telenurse.

Visit the Prostate Cancer Toolkit website.

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