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Radio Advert Saved Aussie Man’s Life! Find Out How...

Source: Northern Star

A radio advert promoting Men’s Health Week in 2012 saved a New South Wales’ man’s life, according to The Northern Star newspaper.

Wayne Randal, a production manager at the timber merchants, Hurford Hardwood, told The Northern Star he had been “feeling a bit off, effectively for a few years”.

"I probably had symptoms for a long time but would find a reason for blaming them on something else," says Wayne.

"The symptoms kept getting a little bit worse and a little bit worse and then it was Men's Health Week. It got to about day four of the ads and I thought I am going to make an appointment because something is not quite right. I am pretty lucky I made the call because, effectively, I had pretty high blood pressure and was able to go on medication straight away."

According toe The Northern Star, Wayne’s blood pressure is now perfect and and his underlying heart issue has been kept in check.

For this year’s Men's Health Week 2018, Wayne’s employer, Hurford Hardwood is one of several organisations hosting a men’s health event in Lismore as part of Andrology Australia’s “It’s Healthy To Talk in Lismore” campaign.

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