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Research webinars explore social connection in men

The impact lack of social connection is having on men’s health continues to be a focus of Men’s Health Connected 2023, a series of online events run by the Australian Men’s Health Forum. 

On Wednesday 10 May, the series turns its focus onto "the science of social connection", as two leading academics help us to dive deep into the science of social connection and how it applies to men.

You can register for the free webinar here: Men’s Health and Social Connection - What’s The Evidence Base?

Wednesday 10 May

Session 1 (9.30am AEST): The Science of Building Social Connection

Social connectedness is important for optimal health and overall wellbeing and longevity. Conversely, limited social connectedness is associated with a variety of poorer mental and physical health outcomes and risk behaviours including depression, substance use, sleep problems and cardiovascular disease.

In this webinar, Associate Professor Adam Karg and Dr Sean Martin take a deep dive into social connection and men's health. 

Associate Professor Adam Karg is the Director of the Swinburne Sport Innovation Research Group. He leads a research program that works to promote and measure social connection and the impact on people, community and innovation. His current research includes a focus on social connection and vulnerable communities, and social connection through community sport.

While Adam's work does not focus specifically on men, his presentation will lay the foundations for a deeper understanding of social connection and men's Health. His talk will: 

  • Provide a research driven-framework for social connection infrastructure and the measurement of social connection
  • Report on a large scale assessment of community assets for social connection and provide insights into empirical links between sport, leisure and community infrastructure and connection outcomes
  • Outline ongoing research approaches that seek to further understand how components of infrastructure can maximise social connection outcomes

Adam's research highlights  how social infrastructure can generate social connection and so have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing.

He will report on a series of projects that are advancing our understanding of how social infrastructure can be leveraged  to deliver opportunities for social connection. 

Adam will also provide examples of frameworks that help us understand social connection and explore how it can be designed into Government policy and programs for maximum impact.

Social connection in men

Dr Sean Martin is the Program Lead for the Ten To Men (TTM): Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health at AIFS. Sean is a clinical epidemiologist by training with over 15 years’ experience in men’s health–related research.

Sean will provide an overview of Ten To Men's research into social connectedness among Australian males.

The research reveals that limited social connectedness is more common among Australian males compared to females. Understanding how men develop and maintain social connectivity and community participation is important for optimising their health and wellbeing, and for informing targeted interventions to promote and enhance social connectedness among Australian men.

The research presented by Sean will examine social connectedness among adult Australian males from a range of perspectives drawn from two waves of research, with Wave 1 (2013/14) surveying 13,896 men and Wave 2 (2015/16) interviewing 10,729 men.

Register for this webinar here.

Lived experience of priority populations of men

Wednesday's research deep dive is complemented by two lived experience, online round table discussions, that will take place on Thursday 11 May.

Men’s Health and Social Connection - What’s The Evidence Base?

Thursday 11 May

Session 1: (10.30am AEST): Social connection in culturally and linguistically diverse men

This session brings together a small group of men with lived experience and professionals working with CALD men. The session is open to everyone with a professional or personal interest in the topic

Register for this online round table here.

Thursday 11 May

Session 2 (12.00noon AEST): Social connection in military men and male veterans 

This session brings together a small group of men with lived experienced and professionals working with military men and male veterans. The session is open to everyone with a professional or personal interest in the topic

Register for this online round table here.


Two men’s mental health hubs open in WA
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11 June 2024

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