Seidler helping clinicians, helping men - Suicide Prevention Summit

Dr Zac Seidler joins the 2021 Suicide Prevention Summit on 16 May to discuss ‘the short window of opportunity’ clinicians have to engage with men who seek professional help for mental health issues.

Compared to women, men are more likely to drop out of consultations and attend significantly fewer clinical sessions, although over half of those who suicide seek professional help in the months leading up to their death.

Dr Seidler's presentation promises to break down key findings from a national men’s survey and a pilot of clinician training on engaging men, to discuss the future direction needed to curb men’s poor mental health outcomes.

His session will help clinicians ‘feel confident and competent’ to more effectively engage male clients and help them work towards recovery.


The Suicide Prevention Summit runs from 14-16 May, 2021 and is free to attend. Designed for mental health professionals, the event will be live streamed and sessions available for catch-up until 20 June, 2021.

The Summit kicks off with three panel discussions: The Lived Experience and Suicide Prevention, Suicide Prevention with Children and Youth, Suicide Prevention and Psychological Safety in the Workplace.

 Speakers include Alan Woodward, Advisor on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, Jorgen Gullestrup, Founder and CEO, MATES in Construction and several representatives from Roses In the Ocean, including Founder and CEO, Bronwen Edwards.

The event is co-hosted by Mental Health Academy & Lifeline Australia.





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