Step up and Stamp out Suicide: 25TwoZero

The 25TwoZero community is calling on Australians to walk as many steps as possible on September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day. 

The group is targeting 250,000 steps for the day as part of an on-going campaign to raise awareness and funds for men's health via Mentoring Menwho will use the funding to continue one-to-one life mentoring in cities and rural areas around Australia.

25TwoZero was started by Shay Hare, in respect of the 2500 males who died from suicide in 2020, including a close friend. 

"This movement is about males removing the mask," says Shay. "Showing up. Being themselves and being bloody proud of who they are. Flaws and all. We are human. We all mess up. We all make mistakes. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves. We all need to stop wearing the mask."

Registrations are now open and every step you take on the day will be counted towards smashing the 250,000 25twoZERO community target.


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.