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Summit gives men a sporting chance of good health

How can we engage more men and boys in programs that improve their health? According to the National Men’s Health strategy, investing in outreach programs that seek to connect with men at social settings such as sporting clubs is one way to do this.

Our “Sporting Chance” event on Tuesday 9 June of the Men’s Health Connected online summit, explores some of the ways that different programs around Australia are using sport to engage men in activities that are designed to improve their physical, mental and social health and wellbeing.

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The day opens with a session called “it’s not rocket science, how sport-based programs are working for men”. One of the speakers, Professor Phil Morgan, is founder of a suite of innovative and award-winning programs where kids and dads work together to make a meaningful dent in adult male obesity and form strong bonds through fun, fitness and frank discussion. 

He is joined by Professor Jeff Coombes, Director, Centre for Research on Exercise, Physical Activity and Health, which encourages health professionals to include physical activity when designing treatment plans for patients.

The second session shifts focus to sport as a tool for better mental and social health. Speakers include Dave Burt, Founder of SALT (Sport and Life Training) in Victoria; James Rice, Project Officer for Sports Programs with SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY in Tasmania; Paul Sharp of the Sport and Exercise Science Human Performance Research Centre Faculty of Health at UTS and Dr Neil Hall, Men's Health Information and Resource Centre in Sydney.

Afternoon - Session 3: 2pm – 3.15pm (AEST)
Leveraging the power of sports brands – are we converting all our chances? - the afternoon session kicks off with an exploration of the role of sports brands in improving men’s health and includes former AFL player Jake Edwards, founder of Outside the Locker Room, which delivers welfare and education programs that build both collective and individual mental health and wellbeing through local sports clubs.

Other projects featured on the day include:

MATES In Construction’s male suicide prevention pilot that aims to reach men in Brisbane through community sports clubs.

Sons Of The West , a 10-week program that helps men learn about their health and wellbeing. The program is run by the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation in Melbourne.

The Active Breed men’s health program, founded by Dr Emma George and delivered through the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs National Rugby League Club.

MAN v FAT soccer, a University of Western Australia (UWA) initiative based on a successful nationwide weight loss program from the UK.


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