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Support for Fathers hits the road

Following the beta launch of Relationship Australia Victoria’s new website – Support for Fathers – an extensive roadshow is underway to explain exactly how and why people might want to access its resources. 

The website was developed with two core audiences in mind: dads, looking for information about their role as fathers, and professionals developing programs to support them.

Content has been developed by coordinator Dominic Alford, based on discussions and feedback from dads, families and service providers around Australia.

So while emanating from the Relationships Australia Victoria branch, it was born out of the Department of Social Services ‘National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022.’– and is intended as an Australia-wide resource.

A toolkit has been designed for professionals to help them review the programs they are offering, develop entirely new programs or modify what they are doing.

“Not a lot of dads use family services or parenting support or use anything that the council might put in place,” Dominic told AMHF ahead of the site launch.

The ‘For Dads’ section showcases a range of resources for dads, their partners and support services working with dads and families,

These include articles like, ‘7 Types of Dad,’ ‘Dads Raising the Next Generation’, ‘Dads at Work’ and ‘Dad Talk’.

In the resources section, the Professionals’ Toolkit provides services with practical support and strategies focused on seven key areas:

  • Think about dads
  • Promote to dads
  • Engage with dads
  • Work with dads
  • Motivate dads
  • Grow a professionals’ network
  • Learn more about working with dads

The Support for Fathers Australian Roadshow will promote these resources and toolkit widely, as well as providing free community information sessions and workplace training.

The Road Show will travel to venues in Victoria, NSW, SA this year, with further stops planned through to June 2020.


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Check out Support for Fathers website.


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