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The Fathering Project to Coordinate Australian Father of the Year awards

The Australian Father of the Year Awards will be run by the Fathering Project from 2022.

The Awards have been previously administered by The Shepherd Centre with the Australian Father’s Day Council, established 20 years ago to “celebrate and acknowledge the vital role that fathers play within families, and in the wider community.”

In September two awards were made: Father of two sons Dr Brendon Murphy  - the former Australian Chief Health Officer and current Secretary of the Department of Health, was named Australian Father of the Year.

“Dr Murphy is an outstanding father and dedicated healthcare professional, who played a critical role in our nation’s response to COVID-19 through 2020,” The Shepherd Centre CEO Dr Jim Hungerford said when the awards were announced in September.

Psychiatrist and mental health advocate Dr Mark Cross was named 2021 Community Father of the Year.

“When I became a father, I was so overtaken by emotion at times I felt uncomfortable. It has changed my perspective on life, what is important to me and has allowed me to slow down in my overzealous quest to be successful in my career. My sons have made me a better person, no doubt about that,” said Dr Cross.

The Fathering Project said it was a critical time for Australians to “recognise the enormous impact that fathers have on our community and provide the support that dads need to be the best father they can be.”

Plans for the 2022 awards will be announced in the coming months.

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