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The Last Time I Cried videos feature footy stars

The AFL has partnered with a health insurance company to produce a series of videos that explore male vulnerability.

Titled ‘The Last Time I Cried’ – the videos feature high-profile footy stars sharing their personal journeys and in particular how they coped with challenges and heartbreak.

In the first episode former Hawks forward Campbell Brown discusses the stages of grief and how he dealt with losing his mother last year.

Other guests include Trent Cotchin, Patrick Dangerfield, Tom Boyd, Alex Johnson and Gilbert McAdam in conversation with host Hamish McLachlan.

The series aims to shine a light on mental wellbeing and the importance of sharing strong emotions, happy or sad, to break down stereotypes of the stoic, tight-jawed athlete.

Health insurance company, AIA Vitality, partnered with McLachlan, who conceived of the mini-series to highlight the fact that people – and sporting heroes – are all “vulnerable, emotional beings”.

Campbell Brown opens up about losing his mother in 2019. 

“Our guests have shown strength through vulnerability and we hope that the more we share our collective stories, the more people get to know the players away from the two hours of football each weekend. And with the chats we’ve had so far, I think the players are showing different sides to themselves, and highlighting it’s OK not to be OK at times, and being emotional doesn't mean weak, and seeking help from mates or others when you need it, is really brave.”  

The first, raw emotion-filled eight minute episode with Campbell Brown launched today and is available for viewing on


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