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The Men’s Table reaches #150 milestone

The Men’s Table this week launched its 150th table in Inverell, NSW.

A national men’s mental health and suicide prevention charity, Men’s Tables bring the same group of blokes together to share food and feelings once a month in an informal but purposeful dinner.

There are now Men’s Tables in all States and Territories except the NT. A 2022 impact study drawn from surveys with Men's Table participants reported a wealth of benefits, including a sense of community belonging, improved mental health and wellbeing, a reduction in less useful approaches to help-seeking and a positive effect on relationships.

The Men’s Table, established by Ben Hughes and David Pointon in 2019, now receives funding from Federal and State Governments, local councils, philanthropic foundations and public ancillary funds.

Typically groups of up to a dozen men gather regularly to discuss the highs and lows of their lives.

David recently told Sydney Morning Herald journalist Caitlin Fitzsimmons that some structure was needed to encourage men to go deeper in their conversations.

“It’s a generalisation, but women are more likely to be open with each other, and they’re more inclined to establish social connection and invest in those relationships more freely, whereas for men, it’s socialised out of us in many ways,” he said.

“When it comes to the traditional stoic man, there are a lot of unhelpful aspects of that version of masculinity, which is you’ve got to do it on your own, you’re in competition, you’ve got to suck it up, and you can’t show weakness.”

Most Men’s Table diners are aged around 45-65, although much younger, and much older men have joined. Just a few months ago, there were 138 tables, but following increasing exposure, The Men’s Table is celebrating its 150th group.

The Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network worked closely with The Men’s Table to establish tables in the region, including Inverell. HNECC PHN Chief Executive Officer Richard Nankervis said: “The Men’s Table creates a sense of belonging, community, peer support and camaraderie that is lacking for many men, even for some who already have a group of mates.

Find out more about The Men’s Table, how to start one and Table locations around Australia.







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