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The Tough Guy Book Club wins Victoria 2020 Men’s Health Award

The Tough Guy Book Club has taken out the 2020 Men’s Health Award for Victoria.

The Club was selected from a quality list of shortlisted nominations including:

Lindsay Oates, Victorian Men’s Shed (Local Men’s Hero nominee)

Layne Stretton, Roses in the Ocean (Best Men’s Lived Experience Speaker nominee)

Matt Runnalls, Mindfull Aus (Best Men’s Lived Experience Speaker nominee)

Island of Men (Best Men’s Group or Program nominee)

Peta Bobbine/Leah Louise, Build a Brotherhood (Women Working in Men’s Health nominee)

Gay Corbett, Ballarat Health Service (Women Working in Men’s Health nominee)

Dardi Munwurro (Significant Response to COVID-19)

OM:NI (Significant Response to COVID-19)

More than 5000 people across Australia voted for the 2020 Men’s Health Awards. The National winners for each category will be decided by a judging panel from the Australian Men’s Health Forum and announced on Friday 19 June via Men’s Health Connected in a special event to celebrate all finalists during Men’s Health Week.

Tough Guy Book Club  has been described as a "Fight Club for the mind". It's a men's book club that meets monthly in bars and pubs.  All chapters meet at the same time on the same day to discuss the same book. It was launched in Australia in 2013 by Shay Leighton and has since grown to around 30 sites around Australia, the US and the UK.

As one supporter said: "As a woman who has been watching from the sidelines, I am hugely grateful for the supportive culture this program provides men in my life and in the wider community. I have seen first-hand men reaching out to each other to support and be supported during tough times".

The Tough Guy Book Club is also shortlisted for the National Best Men’s Group or Program.

The State and Territory People’s Choice Awards will be announced throughout Men’s Health Week.

The remaining awards will be announced as follows and we warmly invite you to celebrate with the winners and finalists.

South Australia and Western Australia on Wednesday 17 June from 3.30pm

Queensland and the Northern Territory on Thursday 18 June from 3.30pm

The National Award winners on Friday 19 June from 3.30pm

There are five categories in this year’s awards.

Local Men's Health Hero Award 2020

This award is for an individual, male or female, who has made a significant difference by taking action to improve the lives and health of men and boys at a local level. 


Best Men's Lived Experience Speaker 2020

The award is open to any man who has helped improve the lives and health of men and boys by sharing his own personal health story as a lived experience speaker or consumer health advocate.


Best Men's Group or Program Award 2020

The award for Best Men's Group or Men's Program Award 2020 is open to any men's health group, large or small, who stands out for the way they are working to create a healthier future for men and boys.


Women Working in Men’s Health Award

The award is open to women (or groups of women) working in the men’s health sector, who have made a signification contribution to improving the lives and health of men and boys.


Significant Response to COVID-19

This award is for any individual, group or program that has responded effectively to the impact of COVID-19 on the lives and health of men and boys.


The State and Territory Health Awards are selected by Popular Choice. 

The National Award winners are selected by panelists from the Australian Men's Health Forum. 

Announced so far .... 

The Man Walk wins NSW 2020 Men's Health Award

Pip Seldon wins ACT 2020 Men's Health Award

Mitch McPherson wins Tasmania 2020 Men's Health Award


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