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Vote for the 2022 Contribution To Men’s Work Award

Updated July 5, 2022: Voting is now closed for nominees shortlisted for the Contribution to Men's Work Award in the 2022 Men’s Health Awards, presented by the Australian Men’s Health Forum.

Following a record number of nominations across Australia, these shortlisted candidates were determined by AMHF’s judging panel, who will select a national winner.

A State/Territory winner including all five categories in the 2022 Men’s Health Awards will be selected by “People’s Choice” based on public votes.

Contribution to Men’s Work  
The longest journey of any person is the journey inward. The unsung heroes in men’s health honour man’s search for meaning and connection through the work they do in personal development and bringing men together at special gatherings and men’s circles.

Those shortlisted for the Contribution to Men’s Work Award are:

Asher Packman / The Fifth Direction (NSW)

The Fifth Direction (formerly Warrior Within) was founded by Asher Packman in Melbourne in 2017. What began as a single men's group developed into an online platform bringing together men's work teachers from around the world for online courses, sharing circles, meditation groups, breathwork classes and discussions on mythology and masculinity. The Fifth Direction has forged strong relationships with the men's movement globally, notably partnering with the Minnesota Men’s Conference, which was founded by Robert Bly in 1984. As one participant said:

“This community has provided me with a depth of understanding, tools and practical ways I can be, view and relate to the world with dignity and integrity. The space, support, vulnerability and respect each man shows up with has given me a real understanding of the medicine of brotherhood. I now have the competence and confidence to show up this way in my own life.”

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James Grima / MANonline (VIC)

James Grima has established a network of online men's groups called MANonline. The groups give men an opportunity to gather, to experience mateship, to develop resilient habits, to break down stigma and to talk about men’s stuff with other men. 

The philosophy of MANonline is that men meet together to share with each other, they foster social connection and community belonging, build respectful relationships, mentor each other and build positive mental health and well-being. James says he is committed to "raising Men's Physical & Mental Health, reducing stigma & reducing isolation in men by the development of online men's groups".

As one participant said: "The passion and love this man has to help, inspire and grow men is incredible! He is devoted to helping men discover their strengths and showing them how they can win in life".

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Jason Bluett / Primal Man Project (QLD)

Jason Bluett launched the Primal Man Project three years ago on the premise that "we're living a long way from our design and we can bring back the best parts of what we've lost". The Primal Man community has grown to over 350 men in 15 countries, who have taken part in over 250 events and programs including men's circles, retreats and workshops.

Jason facilitates men's circles both online and in person where he creates space for men to share in areas of finances, relationships, self-esteem, motivation, direction, purpose, parenting, health, habits and anything else that is challenging them to learn and grow as men. As one participant said:

"Jason has been well dedicated to quality men’s work offerings, delivered with his heart and soul. His commitment to the betterment of men’s lives is outstanding, and deeply felt by many of the men he has touched on."

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Paul Henley / Pathways Foundation (NSW)

Paul Henley is the co-founder and chair of Pathways Foundation, which has been leading and supporting men and boys for over 20 years  Pathways to Manhood is a contemporary, community-based rite-of-passage for boys into manhood which takes the form of a five or six day bush camp for boys aged 13 – 15 years and their father or a male mentor. 

Pathways to Manhood is delivered through schools, churches, and communities that and  consistently delivers excellent results. It has become an important entry point for men into men's that gives them skills and insights into the making of men. As one supporter said:

“Pathways to Manhood is a brilliantly conceived way of helping fathers with their sons to be together and share goals and values as a rite of passage of boys into early manhood... I recommend that fathers and mother who want their sons to become fine young men, trustworthy, altruistic and self-believing to find out more about these programs and how they can help.

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Brendan Sullivan (TAS)

Brendan Sullivan is known for his tireless voluntary contribution to men's work and men's wellbeing for more than 25 years. He is one of a core group of men who started the annual Tasmanian Men's Gathering, which is now celebrating its 25th year and has touched the lives of hundreds of men.

Brendan was the inaugural President of TasMen, the organisation that hosts the Gathering. He also served on the board of the Australian Men's Health Forum and is currently President of Men's Resources Tasmania. In recent years he has focused on developing and delivering the training program for facilitators for the annual Tasmania Men's Gathering.

Those nominating Brendan describe the training as a "a life-changing leadership program" with participants going on to lead the gatherings and take significant strides in their own personal lives and families. Brendan operates as an Executive Coach and brings the essence and passion of men's work into his corporate and community work. As one supporter said:

"Brendan is a central pillar in the Tasmanian men’s wellbeing community.  Without his support, influence and leadership many of Tasmania’s male wellbeing projects simply wouldn’t be the same."

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