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Wanted: Men to share stories of positive help-seeking experiences

Doing it Tough – a website designed to help men navigate through difficult times – is looking for men living in NSW with unique stories to share about a challenging time when they reached out for support

Challenges they feel comfortable sharing may include abuse or violence, addiction, financial difficulties, job-related challenges, mental health challenges or relationships.

Doing it Tough was created by Suicide Prevention Australia and the Australian Men’s Health Forum with funding from the NSW Government.

The platform's goal is to make it easier for men to find the best support for their for their situation, and is designed to connect men with community-led services based on where they live, the challenges they face and the type of support they want.

The website lists 150 local and national organisations and services that support men across various issues.

Several men have shared their stories through short video blogs. View ‘I Found Support That Worked’

Similarly, Doing it Tough wants to hear from men who are comfortable with talking about their situation. They will be paid $50 an hour. Involvement in the next campaign includes an introductory 15-minute phone call and a 30-minute casual online interview.

For more information or to apply, please email [email protected] with the subject heading, ‘Doing it Tough – Interview Call Out’

You will need to include your name, phone number, town, postcode and a brief description of a time in your life you reached out for support.

Visit the Doing it Tough website


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