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Voting for the National Men’s Health Awards 2022 are now open. See the nominations for this category below:

Focusing on mental health, Psychs on Bikes visit communities in rural and remote Australia providing support, advice, awareness seminars and free health checks. Since 2011, Psychs on Bikes has delivered more than one thousand one-on-one health checks.

Incolink - Bluehats delivers mental health education via onsite seminars and training of a peer support network. Incolink has trained over 300 Bluehats who know what signs to look for that someone might be thinking about suicide, and how to ask the right questions.

The TIACS clinical team consists of experienced counsellors and mental health professionals and is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 10pm. TIACS was established by the founders of the TradeMutt workwear brand and has supported around 8,000 clients with half of first-time callers saying they have never contacted a mental health provider before.

M8D8 ("mate date") is an initiative created by Youth Focus with support from the very people it’s designed to help: young men.The aim is to tackle isolation and loneliness by taking a mate on a date on May 8 and having a meaningful conversation.

Save Our Mates is an ongoing series of men's nights first piloted in 2015. Developed by Gavin Schuster and Anthony Hart, the concept was born out of their shared desire to change the way rural and remote South Australian Men deal with "health issues of the mind".

Barbers For Life is a community-led network of barbers who have gathered to help support the community and raise awareness around suicide prevention.The barbers are given Mental Health First Aid training sponsored by the City of Launceston, to help them support male clients in finding mental health support and providing a safe space for conversation.

The Ken Oath Barbershop is a Canberra-based mobile service that provides haircuts alongside mental health support to men who wouldn't generally access mainstream services.

It was created by barber Sam Dowdall - a trained crisis counsellor known as "The Barter Barber" – who previously spent 5 years driving around New Zealand offering crisis counselling to people all over the country as he cut their hair.

The Goodwood Saints Football Club has run a mental health program called the "Saints Healthy Minds" for the past 3 years. The project targets past and present players, coaches, and team managers to assist in identifying issues, help young players to build their mental strength and empower them to speak out.

Men’s Health Awards 2022

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