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Burgers for men’s health

A Wollongong burger bar is donating proceeds of its new epic burgers to funding men’s mental health talks in the region.

The eatery - His Boy Elroy-  has created ‘The Bloke Burger’ in a special promotion for a meaty cause that will go towards financing ‘It’s a Blokes Chat’ lunch events next year from March through to May.

The annual 'It’s a Blokes Lunch’ was founded by Joshua Tree in 2017 to focus on men’s health issues, mental health, cancer and preventative health, with a main event held at the start of Movember.

 The ‘Chat’ spin-off series will take place at His Boy Elroy, who are donating $3 from every burger sold to the initiative.

 "Mental health, particularly men's mental health, is an issue which is very close to our hearts. I was in the army for seven years and understand the toll mental health can have on lives and the lives of those around you," His Boy Elroy's Lachlan Stevens told the Illawarra Mercury.

“We want to create a safe space for clients. Not everyone is always up for a chat, but sometimes just knowing that there is someone there, helps. Even a little bit."

Staff at His Boy Elroy will be trained in dealing with blokes who show signs of needing more support, and there will be special guest talkers at each event.

"The main thing is we want to create more opportunities and safe environments for blokes to be able to have shoulder-to-shoulder conversations and feel comfortable in being able to talk to a mate," Joshua Tree said.

"It's about giving blokes the tools to be able have those conversations, identify signs and symptoms of a mate in crisis and being able to direct them towards help if need."


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