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Doing It Tough campaign goes beneath the surface of ‘smiling’ men

Doing it Tough has launched a second campaign with powerful images and messages that challenge the commonly held belief that smiling is always an indication of happiness.

The ‘Not All Smiles Are Happy’ campaign encourages people to look beyond the surface and check in with the men in their community.

The campaign encourages men to access the Doing It Tough website, which has over 150 NSW based community-led organisations and services that are there to support men.

It was developed in consultation with the Doing It Tough Advisory Group, Suicide Prevention Australia and Australian Men’s Health Forum Lived Experience groups.

Doing It Tough is funded by NSW Health and created by Suicide Prevention Australia in partnership with Australian Men’s Health Forum and people who have lived experience of suicide and mental health.

People who want to support the campaign can download a ‘Not All Smiles Are Happy Smiles” resource pack on the Doing It Tough website.

Three out of four people who die by suicide are men. While the Doing It Tough website is directed at men in NSW, many of the resources and support services are National.

These include AMHF ‘How to Help a Mate Doing it Tough’ guide, developed to help people who are concerned about a mate who is Doing it Tough but unsure what to say or how to help them.

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