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Looking for the Mr Perfect CEO

After seven years at the helm of the successful men’s mental health organisation, Mr Perfect, founder Terry Cornick is stepping down from his role as CEO.

Mr Perfect provides social connection to blokes Australia-wide through the simple act of getting together for a barbecue and chatting about all things life.

The “pre-crisis” charity encourages conversation and connection between men in a supportive and inclusive environment. It’s aim is “to create a judgment-free society for men and their mental health”.

“I am scared, big time. That my "baby" (unofficially my first child) may not thrive,” writes Terry this week on the Mr Perfect website.  “But, conversely, I can feel the intense burden of holding this organisation back and cannot wait to pass over the tongs. Dedicating a few hours a week to it in the wee hours is not fair on anyone (including my family, my employer and I),” continues the father of three.

“I have managed to secure some modest security for the charity. Mr Perfect now needs a leader that can dedicate a few days a week to the cause, with a defined goal, and be paid and rewarded for it.

“The organisation needs to creep away from being 99% volunteer led and a boot-strapped approach and take some more calculated risk (however, "lean" is my favourite word so expect bang for your buck always if anything rubs off from my influence).

“I know the foundations we have built mean Mr Perfect will go where it's meant to go, whether that be the next Movember, or continue to be the grassroots community organisation that punches WAY above its weight.”

Mr Perfect, which won the AMHF’s 2019 NSW Men’s Health Award, has 1-10 employees. The CEO role is part-time and includes the following responsibilities:

  • Strategy - develop and follow a defined growth strategy with guidance from the current CEO and Board.
  • Operations - work closely with volunteers, contractors, suppliers and operational support to maintain and improve operational efficiency across our key service offerings, community BBQs and our online resources.
  • Reporting / Analysis - assessing feedback and data to continuously improve the BBQ experience.
  • HR - Mentor and guide BBQ Hosts to be best they can be to ensure we are always offering a fun, safe, comfortable space with minimal fuss and maximum impact.
  • Recruitment - attract and on-board volunteers, contractors and other paid contractors and employees (future).
  • Media - represent Mr Perfect to the world in the best light in conjunction with the Founder.
  • Growth - continually add new BBQ locations across Australia.
  • Marketing - work with contractors on social media plans, graphics & execution.
  • Financial - manage a budget effectively, action reimbursements / payment of invoices, identify and source / win funding opportunities.
  • Governance - continually monitor compliance and ensure insurance is valid and comprehensive.

The Australian Men’s Health Forum extends its best wishes to Terry on his next chapter and celebrates the great work he has done in establishing Mr Perfect.

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Terry Cornick accepts the 2019 NSW Men's Health Award from former AMHF president Greg Millan. 




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