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Men's Health Awards 2021 Shortlists Announced

Shortlists for the  2021 National Men’s Health Awards will be announced during Men's Health Week which starts today, Monday 14 June.

First held in 2013, the Awards have become an important moment for the men’s health sector to acknowledge and celebrate the great work being done by individuals and organisations to improve the lives and health of men and boys.

Shortlists for this year's awards will be announced on the Australian Men's Health Forum throughout the week, with the public invited to vote on their favourite nominees. A panel of judges will take the public vote into account when making their final decisions, to be announced before the end of June.

The are five categories in this year's Men's Health Awards, with the shortlists scheduled to be released as follows:

Best Content Creator/Community Builder (shortlist announced Monday 14 June)

In recent years there has been an explosion of online initiatives targeted at men and boys. We want to celebrate the great work of content creators and community builders, whose work aims to improve men and boys’ lives and heath. We’re talking about podcasters, social media channels on other online initiatives that are building a following, making a difference and even creating opportunities for real world connection. For the best initiative using media platforms such as podcasts, Facebook groups and Instagram pages to build communities focused on improving men’s lives and health. 



Best New Men’s Health Initiative (shortlist announced Tuesday 15 June)

The men’s health sector is growing and evolving and this year we want to celebrate some of the great innovation that’s emerged in the past 18 months. We are seeking nominations for Best New Men’s Health Initiatives from new projects that were founded no earlier than 1 January 2020, or from established organisations who have launched a new initiative in that timeframe.

Local Men’s Health Champion (shortlist announced Wednesday 15 June)

This year we what to celebrate the work of individual practitioners to improve the lives and health of men and boys. These could be GPs, nurses, social workers, psychologists, allied health workers or volunteers. We’re seeking nominations for those unsung heroes whose work is making a difference for men and boys at a local level.

Contribution to Men’s Health Research (shortlist announced Thursday 16 June)

Australia is a leading contributor to the global body of literature on men’s health issues. This year we want to celebrate some of the academics behind that research. We’re seeking nominations in three areas: early career researchers whose work in men’s health shows great promise; singular pieces of research that have made a significant contribution to men’s health; academics who have undertaken a significant body of men’s health research over a number of years.

Men’s Health Equity Award (shortlist announced Friday 17 June)

Work to improve the lives and health of men and boys in Australia doesn’t just focus on the gaps between men and women, it also focuses on the many gaps between different populations of men. This year we want to highlight some of the great work that focuses on disadvantaged populations of men. This includes, but isn’t limited to: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders; culturally and linguistically diverse; rural and remote; LGBTIQ+, veterans, socio-economically disadvantaged, socially isolated, the homeless, men and boys in the criminal justice system, men and boys with disabilities, male carers and fathers facing adversity.


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