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Men’s health on the move in Bendigo

A regional trucking company is doubling as a billboard in Bendigo, encouraging men to get health checks.

The sign points to Bendigo Community Health Services, which has specialty services for men.

"Sadly, too many men are living totally unaware of the health issues that are endangering their lives because in many cases, the symptoms do not appear until it's too late," local health clinic nurse Peter Strange told the Bendigo Advertiser.

"Our men's health clinic is the perfect starting place for men to look after their health and with a regular checkup, stay ahead of any issues that can become life threatening, if left untreated.”

The courier truck is operated by Power’s Country Express, which runs  vehicles through central Victoria.

"We have been branding our trucks over the past few years with important safety messages and to promote community organisations that make a difference to our local area," owner Damien Mr Power said. His trucks also promote a free soup kitchen in Bendigo.

The Bendigo Men’s Health Clinic specialises in a wide variety of health services for target groups that are not typically called out in mainstream operations, including LGBTI+ and refugees.

Men do not need a referral to get a 45-minute check-up and the BCHS also offers health education programs for workplace and the general community covering a broad range of issues from prostate health, erectile dysfunction and alcohol misuse to counselling services for blokes who may be struggling mentally.

SPAN (SUICIDE PREVENTION AWARENESS NETWORK) is another program run by BCHS, who organise a walk through the streets of Bendigo on the third Sunday of March each year.

The day event includes a community barbecue, live music and the opportunity to seek help from counsellors. It is also designed to get people talking about suicide and encourage people to seek help. Everyone is invited to join in the walk to raise awareness of suicide. There is no charge to participate in the walk and more than 500 people are expected to join on March 22.

Participants are invited to place butterfly cut-outs on a memorial wall to enable those who have been touched by suicide to remember loved ones, friends, work colleagues and school mates.


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