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Men’s online health directory launched in WA

A comprehensive men’s health directory was launched on International Men’s Day, listing key service providers and organisations supporting men’s health in Australia.

Roger Cook MLA, the Deputy Premier in Western Australia who is also the Minister for Health and Mental Health, presented the WA parliament with the new online directory, developed by Men’s Health and Wellbeing WA (MHWWA).

“Men are waking to the reality that it is both their right and their responsibility to seek help when it’s needed,” said MHWWA chair, Jack Beros.

“Resources like those available through the Directory save lives and improve the quality of life not just for the men but for everyone around them.

“We owe it to those men who recognise when they could use a hand to make appropriate help easily accessible.”

Services covered by the Directory include physical, mental and sexual health; addiction; relationships and fathering; legal support; money management; healthy living; mentoring; behaviour change; and many more. Some are specific to WA - many are available across Australia. 

Categories have been established to assist Youth, Aboriginal, CaLD, Disability and GBTIQ groups to easily access services relevant to them. Listed services include clinical services; online resources; in-person counselling; workshops; social media chat groups; peer support, and connection groups.

Western Australia is a leading State in men’s health: last year during Men’s Health Week 2019, the Western Australian Men's Health and Wellbeing Policy was launched to provide direction for the WA health system and its partners.

A key objective was to provide effective services that will boost physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing. 

"This is a much needed piece of work which outlines clear goals and areas requiring action where men and boys are at higher risk. It will lead to real gains, tangible actions and health improvements for men and boys, and for all those working with them, in communities across our State,” Health Minister Cook said at the time.

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NSW launched its Men’s Health Framework in 2018 becoming one of the first jurisdictions in the world to take the lead in acknowledging the health needs of men.







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