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Menslink tackles boys' unconscious consumption of technology

ACT’s award-winning Menslink is offering a new course to address boys’ ‘unconscious consumption’ of technology. Called Unplugged, the one-hour course for 5 to 12-year-olds is offered free to schools in the ACT and surrounds.

The program helps young guys identify where their consumption of social media  and technology may be affecting their values, decision-making and mental health.

“We challenge the young guys to question the time, content and impact of social media and technology on their lives,” says Menslink.

“Highlighting some of the key trends that are currently influencing our young men, such as Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, video games and numerous influencers, we create a deeper awareness where young guys are inspired to challenge and question the content and quality of what they consume, while inspiring them to take charge of their lives through conscious choice.”

Menslink programs are delivered by experienced men who provide a space for young guys to learn and discuss issues that matter to them.

Other programs include the flagship Silence is Deadly, which promotes a positive help-seeking mindset in young guys and how they can help a friend who may be struggling.

Tribe is an eight-week program for students identified as having influence as leaders within peer groups in the school community.

Menslink has been running for 20 years, and all services are provided at no cost. Positive feedback and impact studies have led to the emergence of an equivalent Canberra-based service for young women called Fearless Women.

Menslink’s mentoring and counselling programs are an ACT Government-funded initiative and the organisation is supported by volunteers.

Prevoius Menslink CEO Martin Fisk was recognised in the 2022 Australia Day honours list with a Medal of the Order of Australia - General Division (OAM) for service to the community.

In 2018, Menslink received national recognition by being awarded the Significant Contribution to Men's Health and Wellbeing category in the Australian Men's Health Forum Awards. 

Find out more:

Download the Unplugged program flyer and contact details. 

Read: Menslink's research shows mentoring has lasting impact (AMHF, January 2019)



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