New guide for men living with COVID

The UK-based Men’s Health Forum has produced a guide for men filled with advice on living in the time of coronavirus.

Titled, How to Live in a COVID World: a practical guide for men, is an ebook available for purchase on Kindle. It contains information on understanding the virus and how it is passed on, assessing risks and how to avoid them, living with the illness in the community and how to protect health as well as reduce stress.

The guide, written by Jim Pollard, contains interviews with a range of men who have contracted COVID-19, and how the virus impacted them.

The cost of the book is approximately $3.26 Australian on current exchange rates.  Get the Book

The Men’s Health Forum has also proactively developed a number of COVID-themed resources for blokes to share, released during Men’s Health Week 2020 but still relevant.

There is a free 17-poster pack, a toolbox talk on how to avoid COVID-19 and a series of social media memes.

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