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New toolkit shares key facts about men's heart health

The Australian Men's Health Forum has released a new toolkit on men's heart health as part of its ongoing Know Your Man Facts campaign.

Launched in time for Men's Health Week (14-20 June 2021), the toolkit contains some great resources you can use to raise awareness of men’s heart health including:

• A set of social media tiles with 10 key facts about men’s heart health that you can share
• An infographic/poster on men’s heart health you can promote
• A Know Your Man Facts talk on men’s heart health that you can download and deliver at work or in your community



Heart disease is the leading killer of men in Australia, claiming the lives of more than 10,000 men a year. It kills more men than prostate cancer, suicide, bowel cancer and road accidents combined.

The new Know Your Man Facts toolkit doesn't just raise awareness of this major men's health issue, it also provides information on some of the risk factors for heart disease in men, the steps men can take to improve their heart health and some of the actions men can take to save a mate's life.

The Know Your Man Facts campaign is designed to strengthen men's knowledge of men's health issues through straight-talking, fact-based information and resources.

Find out more about Know Your Man Facts here.


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