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New website for blokes doing it tough

A new website providing links and resources for men at risk of suicide was launched by the New South Wales Minister for Mental Health, Bronnie Taylor, at Parliament House in Sydney today.

The Doing It Tough? website provides links to a broad range of services from clinical services to local men's groups.

It has been developed by Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) in partnership with the Australian Men's Health Forum (AMHF) and funding from NSW Health under the NSW Government’s Towards Zero Suicides initiative.

Glen Poole, CEO of the Australian Men's Health Forum (AMHF) said:

“Too many men in NSW are doing it tough and this can damage their health, their quality of life and even put them at risk of suicide. The Doing it Tough? website has some great links to information and services that men can connect with."

According to Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) Acting CEO, Matthew McLean, the new website will offer men a range of options and help them find a service "that feels right for them". He said:

“Sadly, three out of every four people who die by suicide are men. Support services are not always accessible or appropriate for men. That’s precisely why Doing It Tough? has been created – a place for men to decide for themselves what is appropriate for their need. One size fits all will not work for male suicide prevention."

The Doing It Tough? website identifies key challenges men face and links them to services and resources in NSW. 

Importantly, the Doing It Tough? website acknowledges that male suicide isn't always linked to a mental health diagnosis, but more often associated with men dealing with a range of life of crises. Glen Poole added:

"We hope that men who are struggling with issues around money, work, relationships, drugs and alcohol and other challenges will check out the Doing it Tough? website. As well as links to helplines, mental health services and specialist advice, there's also information on lots of male-friendly groups run by men for men."

The Doing It Tough? website has been developed with the help of a range of groups and individuals with experience of working with men at risk of suicide, alongside men with lived experience of male suicide.

Suicide Prevention Australia Lived Experience Advisor Jorgen Gullestrup said:

“It is important that services such as Doing It Tough? are designed from the perspective of the intended users first. What makes sense for me when I am struggling is likely to make sense for other men like me when they are struggling. Reaching out for help can be so difficult when things are tough. Doing It Tough? allows us to dip a toe in the help-seeking water, but even more likely it is a tool for offering help to your mate.  A place you can visit together, because no one should have to struggle on their own.”

Launching the website, the NSW Mental Health Minister Bronnie Taylor, said:

“Suicide prevention is a key focus for the NSW Government. Whether you need to talk to a medical professional or just want to talk to someone who is going through the same thing, Doing it Tough? is a space where men can go to find the help they need".

AMHF and SPA will continue to work together on the website to ensure it provides a broad range of links and resources to help men at risk of suicide.

To find out more visit the Doing It Tough? website.


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