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Primary Health Networks join Men’s Health Connected online summit

In recent years there has been a marked increase in publicly funded initiatives that target male suicide. Much of this work has be commissioned by Primary Health Networks (PHNs). As part of the Men’s Health Connected online summit on Tuesday 2 June, PHNs from around Australia will share their experiences of working to prevent male suicide at a local level.

The PHN Male Suicide Symposium is FREE to attend, so please register now and forward this article to everyone you know who's interested in preventing male suicide.

There are four sessions throughout the day starting at 10am with a look at how PHNs are engaging with men. Speakers include Chris Jones, the Mental Health Manager at South Western Sydney PHN and Rachel Hughes, Senior Program Officer Suicide Prevention at East Melbourne PHN.

Session two at 11.45am is titled ‘Working with PHNs, commissioned services share their experiences,’ led by Anthony Hart, Director of Save Our Mates. Anthony is a  passionate social entrepreneur, advocate for mind health and a man on a mission to shift the narrative around mind health in Australia. He is joined by John Davis and Samina Alam, both from the Launceston City Council and Jeremy Forbes of HALT (Hope Assistance Local Tradies).

The afternoon session from 2pm shares best practice, and takes a look at which initiatives are working well.

Speakers include:

Ray Martin, ex-ADF Suicide Prevention Project Manager for Northern Queensland PHN.

Aden Hemmerling, Peer Support Worker - STEPMI, Neami National

Naomi Petty, Program Officer, Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN

Kim Mulholland, Northern Territory PHN

Throughout the day, we'll be talking suicide prevention targeted at different communities of men including rural men, veterans, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and males who identify as GBTI+ and conclude with an Open Forum starting at 3.30pm giving PHNs from around Australia to share their experiences and reflect on the day.

The event is held on Zoom and everyone who attends will have the opportunity to contribute to the discussions throughout the day.

It doesn't matter if you are an expert in the field of male suicide prevention or someone whose interested and concerned about the issue, the day will be valuable to you.

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