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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month sheds light on the silent killer of men

Every day, 45 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and nine will die with the illness. Of those diagnosed, 72% will not seek help for mental hardship even while experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression.

At the start of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month this September, Australians are once again invited to run 72km across 30 days to raise money and support the men and their families who are touched by the most common cancer in men.

The Long Run aims to raise $1.6m for Australian-based cancer research and PCFA specialist nurses. As of today, more than $700,000 has been donated to the campaign.

“One in six men you know, in your life right now, is likely to be diagnosed in his lifetime,” points out Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia CEO Professor Jeff Dunn.

“We are asking all Australians to run, walk, or wheel 72km throughout the month, to symbolise our solidarity with men affected, and to encourage more men to reach out for help when prostate cancer strikes.’

Join or donate to The Long Run


PCFA says 75% of Australians still don’t know the PSA test guidelines and only 36% of prostate cancers are detected at the earliest stage, when treatment is most effective.

Also in the spirit of increasing awareness about prostate cancer, the organisation has developed a number of fact sheets for people to share at work, among family members, with patients and local communities. 

1. The MATES connect program is a community-based peer support service, offering help to men going through prostate cancer from men who have been through a similar experience. 

Learn more about MATES CONNECT

2. The Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service provides a lifeline for the 1 in 5 men who experience anxiety and depression, and help partners and families understand what life after prostate cancer will be like for the whole family. Supporting the service is one of the best ways individuals and groups can make a difference for Aussie men and families impacted by prostate cancer.

Learn more about the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service.

3. Do you know what the survival rates for prostate cancer are in your area?

Scan the QR code on this Know Your Risks Poster and get in touch with the PCFA for a free info kit.

4. Do you know what the prostate does, what the symptoms are for prostate cancer and whether you need a PSA test?

Learn more about the PSA test. Download this poster and/or call 1800 22 00 99

5. Do you know your family history of prostate cancer?

Download The Facts and Risk Factors poster, discuss PSA testing with your doctor and contact PCFA for more information.



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DOWNLOAD: Maintaining wellbeing with prostate cancer

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