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Why Victoria needs a male suicide prevention plan

The Australian Men's Health Forum (AMHF) is calling for urgent action to prevent suicide in men, as a new report reveals that male suicides in Victoria rose 8% to 560 deaths in 2022.

The key findings from the report - Time To Act on Male Suicide in Victoria - will be presented in a free webinar on the Men's Health Connected platform this Thursday 27 April.

Glen Poole, CEO of AMHF, said:

“Male suicide rates in Victoria have risen by more than 40% in the past decade. Our research shows the vast majority of Victorian men who die by suicide have been in contact with services prior to their death.

“Research also shows that men’s and women’s experiences of suicide can be different in several ways, which can help us target suicide prevention initiatives more effectively.

"For example, male suicide is less likely to be linked with a mental health diagnosis and more likely to be linked with life crises like relationship problems, financial issues, unemployment and legal trouble.

"Knowing this means we can take a gendered approach to ensure suicide prevention resources address the specific needs of men at risk of suicide."

With the Victorian Government currently developing a new Suicide Prevention and Response Strategy, AMHF's report calls on the State Government to develop a Male Suicide Prevention Action Plan and sets out six achievable recommendations to help bring down the rate of suicide in Victorian men.

In Thursday's webinar launching the report, AMHF CEO Glen Poole, will:

  • Present the latest facts and figures on male suicide in Victoria
  • Explore the key risk factors that are linked to male suicide based on coroner’s reports
  • Provide Victorian data that challenges the myth that suicide men “don’t get help”
  • Make the case for the inclusion of a Male Suicide Action Plan in the Victorian strategy


Register: Time to Act on Male Suicide in Victoria webinar 
Sign up: Support the Time to Act on Male Suicide in Victoria campaign 
Download: The Time to Act report, fact sheet and social tiles 


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