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World Suicide Prevention Day, what's your role?

Saturday, September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day and Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) is encouraging everyone to get involved. 

SPA's theme for the day is "we all have a role to play" and the global theme is "creating hope through action". With this in mind, we're sharing some great resources to help you to play your role and take action, by learning to have conversations with blokes doing it tough.

If a man in your life is struggling and you're not sure how to to talk to him, take a look at these free tools to help get you started .

If you already know a bit about talking with men who are doing it tough, but want to brush up your skills, these links are for you too.

Our message for World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 is this: play your role and take action!

1. Reach Out With ALEC

Movember's ALEC model has been created by R U OK? It's a simple 4-step guide to talking to bloke who's doing it tough. It's an interactive tool that helps you practice having a conversation in your own time.

Take Action: Check out ALEC

2. You Can Talk

#YouCanTalk exists to encourage all Australians to have a conversation with a friend, family member or work colleague they’re concerned about. The message of #YouCanTalk is that it's OK to let someone know you have noticed they are struggling and ask them if they are experiencing thoughts of suicide.

Take Action: Check out #YouCanTalk

3. Help a Rural Mate

You Got This Mate is a mental health website for rural and remote men. They say if a man you know is showing signs of a mental health problem, it is important to talk to him and take action. They provide a step-by-step guide on having a conversation with a man who's doing it tough.

Take Action: Check out You Got This Mate

4. Take Time To Reach Out

The International Association for Suicide Prevention has produced a simple guide for World Suicide Prevention Day. It encourages people to take time to reach in and be aware of those around us; to take time to reach out and start a conversation with people doing it tough; to take time to find out more about what help is available.

Take Action: Check out the Time to Reach Out guide

5. Suicide Prevention in CALD Communities

If you're supporting men in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities it is important to take into account diverse cultural needs. Conversations Matter has created a resource that provides some practical tips you can refer to when talking about suicide with CALD and communities.

Take Action: Check Out the Conversations Matter CALD Guide

6. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males

Stronger Together is an R U OK? suicide prevention resource designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The key message of Stronger Together is that if you know an Aboriginal man who's doing it tough, reach out and "ask your mob, in your way, R U OK?"

Take Action: Check Out Stronger Together

7. Be a Wingman

Wingman is a resource developed by gay guys, for gay guys. The message to gay men is, if someone close to you is going through a difficult time, he needs a Wingman to steer him through. By having the confidence to talk about it and helping him seek support, you could make a massive difference in your mate's life.

Take Action: Check Out Wingman

Find out more about World Suicide Prevention Day 2022:


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