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International Men’s Day 2022: record number of events planned

International Men’s Day 2022 is on course for a record-breaking celebration in Australia with the number of events being held around the country set to pass the 100 mark for the first time. 

International Men’s Day (IMD), held on 19th November every year, has been marked in Australia for at least 20 years. While there have been some significant IMD events and initiatives over the years, the day has struggled to attract consistent support and coverage in Australia. 

This year, momentum towards the celebration of International Men’s Day is building early, with the help of a uniquely Australian theme, “Celebrating Mateship”. With this in mind, men’s organisations around the country are joining forces to create opportunities for men to #maketime4mates by hosting a range of local events that are open to men of all backgrounds. 

Glen People, CEO of the Australian Men’s Health Forum which hosts the website said:

 “Last year we saw International Men’s Day going mainstream thanks to a number of Aussie institutions like the ABC, ANZ, Bunnings, Coles and Optus marking the day in different ways. 

“At the same time, we saw the growth of community-based events stalling for a couple of years, as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and a shift towards online events and activities. 

 “This year, however, Australia's grassroots men’s health movement is back with a bang. We’ve already been informed of more than 100 community events that are being planned right across the country.”

With 11 weeks still to go before International Men’s Day 2022, there’s still plenty of time for organisations to starting planning an event and promote it on website.

The website has some great resources for people wanting to hold and event or support the day as well as an events section where more than 50 International Men’s Day 2022 events are already listed. 

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