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Behind Men's Health: MANTLE

How do men's counselling services differ from those offered to women? 

In the new Behind Men's Health series created by Callum MacPherson on behalf of the Australian Men's Health Forum, Callum talks to Dr Dave Anthony co-founder of MANTLE, a new group of registered psychologists providing online support for men. 

As Dave explains, MANTLE is not intended to replace crisis lines of support for blokes but to promote early prevention in getting help for mental health issues. 

"Mental health is different from mental illness, you can be mentally healthy and have a mental illness," he says, adding that more men are seeking and showing up for support. Into its 13th month, the video tele health service is proving to be as effective as face-to-face. 

The MANTLE team of therapists go through an on-boarding program that supports a gendered-approach to helping men. And if a man doesn't feel like they are gelling with a therapist, they can switch. It is common, reports Dave, for men to try out 4 or 5 counsellors before they find the right one. 

Find out more about how MANTLE engage men in therapy and what men are looking for when they take the step towards getting professional help. 

We think it's timely viewing on International Men's Day 2021, as we have chosen the theme of Men's Mental Health with a new Know Your Man Facts campaign, freely available. Find out more. 


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