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Dear Santa, help us improve the lives of men and boys in 2021

As the end of 2020 approaches – one that will forever be marked as the year COVID-19 turned the world upside down - the Australian Men’s Health Forum has continued to shine its torch on the matters that impact the lives and health of men and boys.

Whether staging a month-long virtual summit to share information and ideas on a wide-range of topics affecting men and boys, to acknowledging those working above and beyond through the National Men’s Health Awards and making sure International Men’s Day is widely celebrated on November 19, AMHF has kept its charter alive, connecting the men’s health sector and a growing force of committed organisations and individuals striving to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for males in Australia.

While we receive some funding from the Department of Health, AMHF’s important work is strengthened by donations; we value every dollar received from the community.


Where every dollar counts

In 2020 we developed a number of important resources, fact sheets, publications and digital assets that were made available for anyone to use, including the popular Know Your Man Facts presentation and the new 10-Step Guide to Developing Male-Friendly Health Services, the first of its kind in Australia.

We also campaigned hard for a Male Suicide Prevention Strategy, outlining the case in detail for use across the sector in the AMHF report: Giving Men A Hand: The Case For A Male Suicide Prevention Strategy.

In December, more than 150 people joined our campaign to ‘Save Aussie Men’ and send a letter to the Government, calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to develop a national plan to tackle male suicide in Australia.

In 2021, our funding together with your donations will be used across four key areas:

  1. We will continue to raise awareness of men’s health and wellbeing issues. We will write about these issues, share the great work being done by others and make sure there is continued exposure for the latest initiatives, events, research and developments in men’s health.
  2. We will promote best practice approaches to working with men. AMHF is pleased to have the support of many industry leaders, practitioners, lived experience speakers and organisations who are finding new and better ways of working with men. We will shine a light on their work and help educate others in how to develop male-friendly approaches.
  3. We will connect, support and educate the men’s health sector. AMHF is at the centre of a diverse network of individuals and organisations working together to tackle the social factors that shape men and boys’ health. Events like the Men’s Health Connected summit and the Men’s Health Awards will continue to expand in 2021.
  4. We will influence Government policy on the health and social issues that impact men and boys. AMHF has played a significant role in lobbying Government for a National Men’s Health Strategy 2020-2030 and CEO Glen Poole was invited to sit on the Expert Advisory Group established by the PM’s Suicide Prevention Officer, Christine Morgan. AMHF will continue to advocate for a suicide prevention strategy that takes a male-friendly approach to suicide prevention. Pleasingly, Morgan has since called for all Governments in Australia to fund and develop action plans to tackle male suicide. (Read: PM’s suicide advisor calls for Men’s Action Plan).

How to help

 AMHF has a vibrant and growing membership. You can join our community with an individual or organisational membership. Concession membership starts at just $10, or $40 for an individual membership and $100 for an organisation with staff ($75 without staff).

Download the AMHF Membership form.

You can make a donation here or via a direct deposit donation to:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Australian Men’s Health Forum Incorporated

BSB: 062 595

A/C: 101 83938


Please email Sharon if you have any issues.

Thank you to all our new and on-going supporters.

We really appreciate everything you do. Together, we will create a brighter future for men and boys.

Have a safe and happy holiday season and New Year.


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