PM’s suicide advisor calls for Men’s Action Plan

The Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention Advisor Christine Morgan has called for all Governments in Australia to fund and develop action plans to tackle male suicide.

The PM, Scott Morrison, has responded with a commitment to deliver a new agreement on mental health and suicide prevention through the National Cabinet, a forum that enables the Prime Minister to work with premiers and chief ministers from every State and Territory.

The announcement has been welcomed as a “significant step forward” by the Australian Men’s Health Forum, who have been advocating for a National Plan to Prevent Male Suicide that directs funding at male-friendly services and gets more men involved in preventing suicide.

Glen Poole, CEO of the Australian Men’s Heath Forum said:

“We have been working closely with the PM’s National Suicide Prevention Advisor, Christine Morgan, since 2019 and we are delighted to see her interim advice includes a recommendation that all governments should be funding and developing action plans to tackle male suicide.

“This is a significant step forward and we encourage everyone who is concerned with tackling Australia’s high rates of male suicide to back this recommendation and ensure it is put into action.

“We look forward to working with Federal, State and Territory governments to ensure that men and men’s groups are involved in co-designing approaches to male suicide that are designed with men in mind.

“The time has come to give more men a hand to step up and get involved in male suicide prevention. In particular, we’d like to see more funding for community-based peer support initiatives that are run by men for men.”

The call for funded Men’s Action Plans to be developed by Federal, State and Territory governments is made in Christine Morgan’s interim advice to the Prime Minister that was published this week. A final report from the PM’s National Suicide Prevention Advisor is due to be delivered in December.


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