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Doing It Tough campaign draws on holiday cheer with a twist

Suicide Prevention Australia has launched a ‘friendly’ but hard-hitting campaign drawing on the challenges the holiday and festive season present for men who are Doing It Tough.

The campaign looks at the stressors men face during the holiday period and how they can find many resources and support services on the new Doing It Tough website.

While the Doing it Tough website was funding by NSW Health, it was developed in partnership with the Australian Men’s Health Forum and Suicide Prevention Australia, who worked with a range of groups and individuals with experience of working with men at risk of suicide, alongside 29 men with lived experience of male suicide.

The themes explored in the new campaign focus on isolation, finding solace in alcohol, separation from loved ones and financial pressure. The key visuals are emojis that look like festive baubles, but flip a popular goodwill message, Carol or Christmas greeting to highlight the plight of blokes in distress.

For example, ‘Silent Night,’ ‘Drink and be Merry. Not’ and ‘Ho – Ho - No!’ – succinctly explain what might really be going on for some men and encourages them to visit the Doing it Tough website, which has more than 150 male-led support services across NSW that can help.

The platform connects men in NSW who are looking for support with addiction, relationships challenges, financial difficulties, abuse, job-related challenges and mental health, with local groups and community organisations.

“In creating the website, we have brought together people with lived experience and experts in the suicide prevention sector, to bridge the gap between men doing it tough and support services,” says Suicide Prevention Australia Communications Manager, Georgina Beasley.

Key partners include prominent organisations in the NSW men’s health movement: The Men’s Table, Mentoring Men, Complete Men, Australian Dads Network, EveryMan and MATES in Construction.

Visit the Doing it Tough website.

Download the free How to Help a Mate Doing It Tough guide, available on the Doing It Tough website and via the AMHF website



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