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Give to men’s health this December

It’s been a big year in men’s health and while there are many positive signs of improvement, and even several state politicians putting men’s health on the agenda, we need your help to improve health outcomes for men and boys in Australia.

As December draws towards the holiday season – a period that can be extremely hard for many men – we’re hoping those who can afford to do so will consider supporting the Australian Men’s Health Forum’s work by making a tax-deductible donation today.

While AMHF is funded by the Government’s Health Peak and Advisory Bodies Program, our small team has big plans to help bring about change in the men’s health sector for diverse populations of men and boys.

There is much to do. Male suicide is still on the rise, killing men of all ages. According to recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, men continue to account for 75% of all deaths by suicide. Together with deaths by suicide, men also rose to the top of the class for other preventable deaths.

  • Out of 1206 people who died from a motor vehicle accident in 2021, 917 were male and 289 were female.  
  • Out of 213 deaths in 2021 due to assault, 152 were male and 61 were female.
  • Out of 1704 drug-induced deaths in 2021, 1069 were male and 635 were female.
  • Out of 1559 people who died of an alcohol-induced death in 2021, 1156 were male and 403 were female.
  • On average, men die six years younger than women, 4 in 5 heart disease deaths under 65 are men and men dominate workplace deaths.

AMHF’s work

AMHF brings together leaders in men’s health who challenge the status quo, who favour male-friendly practices and value lived experience in developing initiatives that work, and who believe in a men’s health strategy that is supported at every level of government, and funded equitably.

AMHF’s key initiatives include:

  • Running the Men’s Health Awards. We believe it is vital to acknowledge and affirm the great work being done across Australia by groups and individuals and to shine a light on the projects and practices that are proving to be effective in reaching men.
  • Hosting Men’s Health Connected, brings together men’s health leaders and those interested in keeping up with what’s happening in the sector across a range of topics. In 2022 Men’s Health Connected focused on the current state of men’s health, as well as delivering presentations on projects that use sport, exercise and social connection to improve men’s health. Men’s Health Connected will continue to run specialist webinars throughout the year.
  • Campaigning for a Male Suicide Action Plan across Federal and State Governments.
  • Advocating for an equitable allocation of funds to support the five priority areas outlined in the National Men’s Health Strategy 2020-2030.
  • Promoting Men’s Health Week and International Men’s Day, including developing tools that people can use to deliver health talks in different settings. These toolkits come under the Know Your Man Facts umbrella and are provided to the public free of charge. KYMF topics include heart health, mental health, general men’s health and, in 2022, the role mateship plays in men’s health.
  • Developing resources such as the Doing It Tough website in partnership with other leading organisations in men’s health like Suicide Prevention Australia.
  • Producing the How To Help A Mate Doing It Tough guide

In addition, we help the sector stay informed about men’s health events throughout the year and promote to the world the great work of our members through our website, newsletters and social media channels.

Your contribution will enable us to raise awareness about the underlying factors that shape men’s health. Your contribution will support future campaigns aimed at improving the way health services work for men and boys.

By making a donation, you will be playing a much-appreciated role in changing the men’s health landscape for the better.

Donate today

If you prefer not to use Pay Pal, please email our admin team [email protected].

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