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Men's groups head to Canberra for suicide prevention summit

The National Suicide Prevention Conference is taking place in Canberra this week. A number of men's organisations will be at the event, highlighting the value of initiatives that focus on male suicide prevention.

Suicide kills three times more men than women in Australia, with men and boys accounting for 75% of suicides. 3,144 Australians died by suicide in 2021 (2,358 males and 786 females). Closing this gap would save the lives of more than 1,500 men a year.  

Male suicide in Australia is predicted to reach a record high in 2022. Recent data from coroners in New South Wales and Victoria revealed an increase in male suicide of more than 10% last year. If the trend is reflected across Australia, male suicides will hit a new high of more than 2,500 deaths and exceed the previous high of 2,536 recorded in 2019.

AMHF members take a stand 

 The Australian Men's Health Forum (AMHF) will be amongst the exhibitors at the conference alongside several of its member organisations hosting a stand including:

 Many more AMHF members will be sending delegates including Parents Beyond Breakup, The Men's Table and Movember. 

 AMHF CEO, Glen Poole is in attendance alongside AMHF President, Gillian Hunt and AMHF board members Darren Black and David Pointon.

 Speaking up for men

 AMHF will be launching the national component of its Time to Act on Male Suicide campaign at the conference calling for a National Male Suicide Prevention Action Plan.

 A number of speakers at the conference will focus on male suicide prevention including: 

  • Dr Zac Seidler of Movember
  • Chris Lockwood of MATES Australia
  • Craig Hughes of SAMSN (Survivors and Mates Support Network)
  • Greg Smith of Men Cares Too/North West Mates  

In addition, AMHF will promoting a range of initiatives at the conference including:


Two men’s mental health hubs open in WA
In an exciting collaboration between Mens Talk Au and the Mental Health Commission of Western Australia, two Katitjin Blue Mind Hubs have opened in Busselton and Scarborough, tailored to meet the unique needs of men living in the community. 
11 June 2024

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