Men's Health Connected workshop - Australia's risky male drinking culture

How can we change Australia's 'risky drinking' culture? That's the challenging question we'll be wrestling with at a 90-minute workshop on Wednesday 10 June at 3pm AEST as part of the Men's Health Connected online summit.


The workshop will be led by Steven Roberts,  Associate Professor of Sociology in the School of Social Sciences, Monash University, author  of  the prize-winning "Men's Risky Drinking" project funded by VicHealth.

Associate Professor Steven Roberts

The workshop begins with a short presentation of Steve's research examining social dynamics, drivers and outcomes with a specific emphasis on the implications of single event risky drinking.

Attendees will then be giving an opportunity to take part in smaller group discussions examining some thought-provoking questions around men, masculinity and Australia's 'risky drinking' culture.

The workshop will invite participants to explore a range of provocations, contentions and questions, such as:

  • Masculinity plays a role in drinking related harms/ When it comes to risky drinking, boys will be boys.
  • Risky drinking affects only the individual doing the drinking
  • The easiest way to get people to drink less is to tell them to drink less.
  • Risky drinking practices look different in different settings/ sub populations
  • Drinking is inherently problematic/ abstinence is the best advice
  • Young men's drinking behaviour are much worse than older men's
  • Drinking related health risks are driven by Australian culture, not individually driven
  • Peer pressure is the major problem with men's drinking
  • Drinking is pleasurable and brings social benefits
  • Public health messages should focus on statistics and numbers
  • Men in white collar professions drink differently to men in manual labour jobs
  • Romantic/ platonic relationships have no bearing on how much people drink
  • Men can't bond without drinking


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