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New Penis Project Podcast out to make waves

AMHF Men’s Health Award winner Jo Milios and her colleague Melissa Hadley Barrett are soon to launch a new podcast that will answer any questions or problems relating to men's private parts.

Dr Milios, a physiotherapist and Hadley Barrett, a sexologist and nurse, say the penis podcast project is ‘for anyone who has a penis, knows someone who has one, or would like to have one.’ That’s a large audience. There will also be a regular newsletter on the topic for subscribers. 

“Our long-term objective is to reduce the stigma and reluctance of males to seek help for issues of their private parts and to create a conversation that is safe, accessible, and inclusive to all generations,” the women write on the new website's landing page. 

“From puberty and beyond, problems of the penis and private parts are part of everyday life and often, early intervention is the key to reducing potentially  catastrophic outcomes.”

Jo is the founder of PROST! Exercise 4 Prostate Cancer. She has long specialised in men’s health and in June won the WA Men’s Health Award. Melissa is the Director and Clinician for Restorative Sexual Health Clinic in WA, and also provides on-line consultations to patients throughout Australia.

Jo and Melissa: secret men's business exposed. 


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